Lista de episódios de Thunderbirds

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Esta é uma lista de episódios de Thunderbirds, ou seja, uma lista contendo todos os episódios da série Thunderbirds.

Episode Title Original airdate Production number
1 "Trapped in the Sky" 30 September 1965 1
The Fireflash, on its maiden voyage from London to Tokyo, is sabotaged by The Hood and is unable to land, forcing International Rescue out on their first mission. 
2 "Pit of Peril" 7 October 1965 2
A 500-ton US Army walker (the Sidewinder) falls into a pit that sets off a spontaneous underground fire. International Rescue are called to rescue the crew of three before their oxygen runs out. 
3 "The Perils of Penelope" 14 October 1965 12
Lady Penelope goes on the trail of a kidnapped scientist, only to find herself in mortal danger from the megalomaniac determined to use the expert's work for his own evil ends. 
4 "Terror in New York City" 21 October 1965 13
Thunderbird 2 is put out of action by a Navy warship firing anti-air missiles, injuring Virgil. In an operation to move the Empire State Building, the building collapses. Thunderbird 4 must hitch a ride onboard a Navy ship to find an underground river to reach a reporter and his cameraman - two men who had attempted to videotape Thunderbird 1 without permission - trapped below the wreckage. 
5 "Edge of Impact" 28 October 1965 16
The Hood sabotages the Red Arrow aircraft programme. One of the planes crashes into a gigantic telerelay tower in England. International Rescue must save the engineers inside the tower before it collapses, all the while hiding their true identity from a US Air Force friend of Jeff Tracy who is visiting their island. 
6 "Day of Disaster" 4 November 1965 15
The Allington Bridge collapses when a space rocket is transported across. International Rescue must save the engineers inside before the rocket launches from the riverbed. 
7 "30 Minutes After Noon" 11 November 1965 18
The Erdman Gang, an international criminal organisation, has developed an ingenious method of getting their work carried out - an explosive bracelet which can only be removed at the designated target. A secret agent's attempt to infiltrate a scheme backfires as he is left in a plutonium store. International Rescue face a race against time to prevent a massive nuclear explosion. 
8 "Desperate Intruder" 18 November 1965 17
Brains and Tin-Tin embark on an expedition to retrieve treasure from Lake Anasta. The Hood has also set his sights on these riches and plans to put them in grave peril. 
9 "End of the Road" 25 November 1965 14
International Rescue's identity is jeopardised when a close friend of Tin-Tin, who recently visited the island, puts himself at risk in a bid to save his road-construction company's contract. This episode features the first appearance of the Roadlayer 
10 "The Uninvited" 2 December 1965 5
Scot while returning home after a mission, is shot down. Two archaeologists find him and send him on his way only to become trapped in the Pyramid of Khamandides. 
11 "Sun Probe" 9 December 1965 4
A spaceship and its crew find themselves on a collision course with the Sun and Thunderbird 3 is called out - but winds up needing to be rescued itself when it becomes trapped in the Sun's gravitational pull. 
12 "Operation Crash-Dive" 16 December 1965 8
A series of Fireflash disappearances leads to Thunderbird 4 being called to save a crew trapped on the seabed. 
13 "Vault of Death" 23 December 1965 7
An employee at the Bank of England is accidentally locked in a new vault and must be rescued before all the air is pumped out, a task made more complicated by their inability to use the Mole due to the underground cables around the bank. 
14 "The Mighty Atom" 30 December 1965 6
The Hood plans to lure out the Thunderbirds vehicles by means of an emergency at an atomic irrigation plant in the Sahara Desert, subsequently photographing them with a disguised miniature camera. 
15 "City of Fire" 6 January 1966 3
The world's tallest tower catches fire and International Rescue are called to rescue a family trapped in the basement, and must do so with an experimental cutting gas that knocked Scott and Virgil unconscious in testing. 
16 "The Impostors" 13 January, 1966 19
A gang of criminals masquerade as International Rescue to conceal their theft of top-secret military plans. The worldwide manhunt for the treacherous International Rescue team means that the organisation cannot operate until its name is cleared, a task made more difficult when one of the men involved in the search is accidentally launched into space with only three hours of air left. 
17 "The Man From MI.5" 20 January 1966 20
A lethal organisation steals top-secret plans. Working in conjunction with a British Secret Service agent, Lady Penelope must recover the stolen material to save the world from total destruction. 
18 "Cry Wolf" 27 January 1966 21
Two Australian boys are playing their favourite game - "International Rescue" - when their "distress" call is picked up by John in Thunderbird 5. After a tour of Tracy Island and being ordered not to use their radio again they return home. The Hood then tricks the boys into an old mine shaft so he can steal secret photographs from the boys' father. This time their distress call is real, but will International Rescue believe them? 
19 "Danger at Ocean Deep" 3 February 1966 22
When the Ocean Pioneer tanker mysteriously explodes, Brains sets about investigating the cause. With a little help from Lady Penelope, this is discovered to be a chemical reaction between the cargo of liquid alsterene and OD60 found in the sea. International Rescue set out to save the crew of the ill-fated Ocean Pioneer II. 
20 "Move - and You're Dead" 10 February 1966 9
After Alan Tracy returns to motor-racing, his rivals decide to remove the competition by placing a bomb on a bridge which will explode if Alan and Grandma try to escape. 
21 "The Duchess Assignment" 17 February 1966 23
The Duchess of Royston has fallen on hard times and her friend Lady Penelope enlists the help of Jeff Tracy. The Duchess and her sole asset - Portrait of a Gazelle, painted by Braquasso - come under threat and it is down to International Rescue to save them both. 
22 "Brink of Disaster" 24 February 1966 11
Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin find themselves trapped onboard a new, fully-automated monorail train speeding towards a stricken bridge. Can they find a way of stopping the ride before they die along with the company's fraudulent director? 
23 "Attack of the Alligators!" 10 March 1966 24
When a new growth hormone is accidentally released into the Everglades, a house is besieged by alligators - now ten times their original size (filmed using live young alligators). Can International Rescue subdue the reptiles and save the people trapped inside before it is too late? 
24 "Martian Invasion" 17 March 1966 10
The Hood arranges for a mishap with explosives during the filming of a movie, leaving two of the actors trapped in a cave. When International Rescue arrive to make a rescue attempt, the cameras are still rolling as The Hood makes another attempt to obtain footage of International Rescue in action. 
25 "The Cham-Cham" 24 March 1966 25
When aircraft are shot down during live broadcasts of a particular tune, the boys at International Rescue suspect foul play. Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope (posing as mysterious singer Wanda Lamour) - investigate. 
26 "Security Hazard" 31 March 1966 26
(Clip show episode) — The Tracy family cannot help but reminisce about their many operations after a young boy infiltrates the island. They are nonetheless left with the problem that the boy knows their identity - until Jeff realizes they can use the boy's dreams to their advantage. 

Series Two (1966)[editar | editar código-fonte]

Episode Title Original airdate Production number
1 "Atlantic Inferno" 2 October 1966 1
World Navy trials of atomic torpedoes inadvertently threaten the lives of the crew of the large offshore Seascape rig. Jeff, having been invited by Lady Penelope to join her on holiday in Australia, puts Scott in charge of IR and Alan at the helm of Thunderbird 1. Roadlayer appears for the second and final time. 
2 "Path of Destruction" 9 October 1966 2
A new invention - the Crablogger (a largely automated logging machine which converts wood into fuel) - threatens to cause mayhem if it collides with a dam under construction after its crew collapses from food poisoning
3 "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker" 16 October 1966 3
The Skythrust, designed by Brains, falls into the hands of fashion madmen who take over the plane in order to steal a new French design from François Lemaire. 
4 "Lord Parker's 'Oliday" 23 October 1966 4
A malfunctioning solar reflector threatens an alpine town where Lady Penelope and Parker are on vacation. 
5 "Ricochet" 6 November 1966 5
A manned telecommunications satellite (which broadcasts a music program of which Tin-Tin is a huge fan) is disrupted by the detonation of a rogue unmanned space rocket and is set on collision course with a Middle Eastern oil refinery. 
6 "Give or Take a Million" 25 December 1966 6
As Christmas festivities are being prepared at both Tracy Island and a local children's hospital which is expanding to include a new radiation therapy wing, a pair of criminals attempt to rob a high-tech vault filled with gold and $1,000,000 in money. 

Films[editar | editar código-fonte]

After the series ended, two supermarionation Thunderbirds films were produced.

Film Title Release date Production number
1 "Thunderbirds Are Go" 15 December 1966 1
International Rescue have to save a town from the Zero-X spacecraft, which is about to crash! 
2 "Thunderbird 6" 29 July 1968 2
International Rescue are planning a new Thunderbird. Meanwhile, new villain "The Black Phantom" is plotting against them. 
  1. Trapped in the Sky (Armadilha no céu)
  2. Pit of Peril (Cratera do perigo)
  3. City of Fire (Cidade em chamas)
  4. Sun Probe (Sonda Solar)
  5. The Uninvited (Os intrusos)
  6. The Mighty Atom (O Átomo poderoso)
  7. Vault of Death (O vale da morte)
  8. Operation Crash Dive (Desastre no Atlântico)
  9. Move and You're Dead (Mova-se e você está morto)
  10. Martian Invasion (A invasão marciana)
  11. Brink of Disaster (A beira do desastre)
  12. The Perils of Penelope (Penélope em perigo)
  13. Terror in New York City (Terror na cidade de Nova York)
  14. End of Road (Fim da estrada)
  15. Day of Disaster (Um dia de desastre)
  16. The Edge of Impact (No limite do impacto)
  17. Desperate Intruder (Intruso em desespero)
  18. 30 Minutes After Noon (30 minutos após o meio dia)
  19. The Imposters (Os impostores)
  20. The Man from MI5 (O homem do MI 5)
  21. Cry Wolf (O grito do lobo)
  22. Danger at Ocean Deep (Mistério em alto mar)
  23. The Duchess Assignment (O acordo da duquesa)
  24. Attack of the Aligators (O ataque dos jacarés)
  25. The Cham Cham (O Cham Cham)
  26. Security Hazard (Uma falha na segurança)
  27. Atlantic Inferno (Inferno sobre o mar)
  28. Path of Destruction (A caminho da destruição)
  29. Alias Mr Hackenbacker (Ordem de acabar com Mr Hackenbacker)
  30. Lord Parker's 'Oliday (As férias de Lord Parker)
  31. Ricochet (Ricochet)
  32. Give or Take a Million

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