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Diferenças entre edições de "Naguinata-do"

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A prática nesta época denominava-se Naguinata-do 薙刀道 (lit. "caminho da naguinata").
There are two types of naginata practice today: modern naginata and classical naginata. While the differences between these two types of practice are explained below, they also share much in common. In both, naginata practice is systemized according to a time-honored tradition consisting of strikes, cuts, and thrusts from left and right to various directions, providing a balanced training with emphasis on form and beauty of movement.
Psteriormente, com a derrota do Japão na Segunda Guerra Mundial a prática foi remodelada. A nomenclatura passou a ser Atarashi Atarashi Naginata, o qual passou a ser escrito, em japonês, utilizando os caracteres hiragana, ao invés do Kanji<ref>{{citar web
|url =
|titulo = Women Warriors of Japan - The Role of the Arms-Bearing Women in Japanese History - Part 5
|accessodata = 22 de janeiro de 2008
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|citacao = "After a eight years, however, these bans were lifted and the first All Japan Kendo Renmei (Federation) Tournament was held in 1953. At a meeting held afterwards, Sakakida and several of the leading naginata instructors of Tendo-ryu and Jikishin Kage-ryu made plans for the institution of a similar All Japan Naginata-do Renmei. It was decided to adopt the Mombusho kata as the standard form of the federation, with only a few minor changes. They also decided to eliminate the writing of naginata in characters (long blade) and (mowing blade) and, to indicate their break with the past, spell it in the syllabary whose letters have only sound values. This martial sport has come to be called atarashii naginata (new naginata)."}}</ref>.
Após a derrota do Japão na Segunda Guerra Mundial a prática foi remodelada, surgindo duas práticas da Naguinata: Atarashi Naguinata (Naguinata nova) e Naguinata Koryu (Naguinata clássica).
O Atarashi Naguinata é praticado hoje em dia no Japão e diversos países do ocidente.
== Naguinata Koryu ==