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===habilidades de escrita===
* Aprender como escrever para uma audiência global e diversa
* Entender a diferença entre textos descritivos e persuasivos
* Ganhar habilidade de explicirar uma Earea específica
* Escrever colaborativamente
*Learn how to write for a diverse and general audience
*Understand the difference between fact-based and persuasive writing styles
*Gain the ability to outline a topic area
*Write collaboratively
There are several ways that students improve their writing skills with Wikipedia. First, they learn how to write for a diverse and interested readership that represents a significant percentage of the worldwide, online population. Because Wikipedia is the fifth largest Web site in the world, behind Google and Microsoft, it offers students the opportunity to write for a global audience. This means that students have to write with such an audience in mind - they can't assume their readers (unlike their professors) already have a wealth of knowledge about the topic area. This also means that students get the chance to interact with a unique and active community that actually "talks back." Often your students will receive feedback on the content they have written - for example, other editors might provide literature suggestions, question the neutrality of what was written, or suggest other ways to improve the writing. This is both exciting and challenging. During the process of contributing information to the encyclopedia, students must learn to write with others and to accept revisions of their work. Furthermore, with Wikipedia's emphasis on verifiability and "no original research," students gain a greater understanding of the difference between fact-based and persuasive writing style.
Possible assignments: [[User:Awadewit/sandbox3#Copyediting|Copyediting]], [[User:Awadewit/sandbox3#Research a topic and write an article|Research a topic and write an article]], [[User:Awadewit/sandbox3#Translate an article|Translate an article]]
===Alfabetização digital===
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