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greetings from de-WP, with references
(please move this page to Nora (isla) (this is NOT about Nahaleg!!)
(greetings from de-WP, with references)
'''Nora''' (também ocasionalmente escrita ''Norah'') é uma ilha no [[Mar Vermelho]], no [[Arquipélago Dahlak]] ([[Eritreia]]). Tem uma área de 105.15 km².
== wrong island! ==
Please move this article to [[Nora (ilha)]]. The data refer to Nora, not Nahaleg, and the satellite picture shows Nora! This mistake occured on all interwikis!
== Data and References ==
Please use these data and references for this Island to translate to your language:
*Length 17.0 km and width 16.3 km, also correct coordinates.<ref>measured from the satellite image hosted on [ Wikimapia]</ref>
*Area 105.15 km²<ref>[ PNAS Islands Database]</ref>
*Height: 37 meters (in the Northeast<ref>[ Topographical map of the General Staff of the USSR 1:200,000, map sheet D37-04]</ref>
*Population: 373 People in 66 households (as of 2009)<ref>[ The Danish Society for the Living Sea: Clean drinking water for two island communities of Eritrea] (2011)</ref>
*Language: ''Dahalik'' like on the other two inhabited Islands Dahlak Kebir and Dehil (Dohul):<ref>[ Marie-Claude SIMEONE-SENELLE: A survey of the Dahalik language, an Afro-Semitic language spoken exclusively in Eritrea] (2005)</ref>
*Principal village: Nora<ref>[ Topographical map of the General Staff of the USSR 1:200,000, map sheet D37-05]</ref>
*Please note: [] is wrong, confusing Nora and Nahaleg
*Please note: [ World of Islands] is wrong, copying presumed Nahaleg data (which are really Nora data) from
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