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::[ You can "share"] a kindle book up to 14 days, but during that period the owner won't be able to see the book.
::I would like to ask you if you're also interested in working on the article. My plan is to recycle [[Reino Suevo|this article]] into a featured article. I have already translated and restructured what's available on other wikis, removing some excessive detail and unreliable sources. A few sentences are missing sources and that would be the first thing to be dealt with. Yet, the article is mostly a History section and a Sources section. Although those sections are relatively well developed, there's no content about political administration, daily life, economy, art or society in general.
::Atm I could really use a general and reference source, like Diaz Martinez, at least to write a list of topics that must be included and to ensure that nothing important is missed. The problem with dealing at this phase with lots of articles about particular subjects is that one can easily miss the general picture. [[Usuário:Antero de Quintal|Quintal]] [[Usuário Discussão:Antero de Quintal|✁]] 21h27min de 12 de outubro de 2015 (UTC) <small>Edit: also, please tell me if you prefer me to write to you in english or portuguese; my attempts at writing spanish generally have disastrous results.</small>