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Arthur Levinson: diferenças entre revisões

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|nome =Arthur Levinson
|nascimento_data ={{dni|lang=br|31|3|1950}}
|imagem =
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|nome_nativo =
|nascimento_data ={{dni|lang=br|31|3|1950}}
|nascimento_local =[[Seattle]]
|nacionalidade ={{USAb}} [[Povo dos Estados Unidos|Estadunidenseestadunidense]]
|morte_data =
|morte_localcampo =[[bioquímica]]
|causa_morte =
|pais_de_residencia =
|nacionalidade ={{USAb}} [[Estados Unidos|Estadunidense]]
|etnicidade =
|campo =[[Bioquímica]]
|instituicao_trabalho=[[Apple|Apple Inc.]]
|alma_mater =
|tese =
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|conhecido_por ={{nowrap|[[Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences]]}}<ref>{{Citar web |autor= |url= |título=Board of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences |língua2=en |obra= |data= |acessodata=}}</ref>
|influenciado =
|premio ={{nowrap|[[Medalha Dupla Hélice]] (2012)}}, {{nowrap|[[Medalha Nacional de Tecnologia e Inovação]] (2014)}}
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'''Arthur D. Levinson''', mais conhecido como '''Art Levinson''' ([[Seattle]], {{dtlink|lang=br|31|3|1950}}) é um [[Bioquímica|bioquímico]] e administrador [[Povo dos Estados Unidos|estadunidense]].
is the chairman of [[Genentech]] (1999 to present) and the chairman of [[Apple Inc.]] (2011 to present). He is the former chief executive officer of Genentech (1995–2009) and is also a member of Genentech’s Scientific Research Board, which serves as an advisory group to the company regarding its research and early development projects.
In addition to serving as Chairman for Genentech and Apple. Inc.,<ref name="AppleDirector">{{cite web |url= |title=Apple Names Arthur D. Levinson Chairman of the Board |publisher=(Press release) Apple Inc. November 15, 2011}}</ref> Levinson serves on the Board of Directors of F. [[Hoffmann-La Roche]] Ltd, NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., [[Amyris (company)|Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc.]] and the [[Broad Institute]] of [[MIT]] and [[Harvard]]. He currently serves on the Board of Scientific Consultants of the [[Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center]], the Industrial Advisory Board of the [[California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences]] (QB3), the Advisory Council for the [[Princeton University]] Department of Molecular Biology and the Advisory Council for the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics.<ref name="Broad">{{cite web |url= |title=Arthur Levinson Chairman of Genentech Inc. |publisher=Broad Institute}}</ref>
== Education ==
He received his bachelor's degree from the [[University of Washington]] in Seattle in 1972, and his PhD in Biochemistry from [[Princeton University]] in 1977. He subsequently moved to a postdoctoral position with [[J. Michael Bishop|Michael Bishop]] and [[Harold Varmus]] in the Department of Microbiology at the [[University of California, San Francisco]],<ref>{{cite news| url= | first=Daniel S. | last=Levine | title=Executive of the Year: Arthur Levinson drives Genentech |work=San Francisco Business Times |date=December 19, 2004}}</ref> from where he was hired to Genentech by [[Herb Boyer]].
== Career ==
Levinson joined [[Genentech]] in 1980 as a research scientist and became vice president, Research Technology in 1989; vice president, Research in 1990; senior vice president, Research in 1992; and senior vice president, Research and Development in 1993.
In 1995, Levinson became Genentech’s chief executive officer, and in 1999 he was named chairman.<ref>{{cite press release |url= |title=Genentech Names Levinson as New Board Chair and Announces Appointment of Two New Directors |publisher=Genentech |date=September 22, 1999}}</ref> In the same year, Levinson received the Irvington Institute's Corporate Leadership Award in Science<ref>{{cite press release |url= |title=Genentech Chairman/CEO Arthur Levinson Receives Irvington Institute's Corporate Leadership Award |publisher=Genentech |date=September 29, 1999}}</ref> and was honored with the Corporate Leadership Award from the [[National Breast Cancer Coalition]].<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Past Awards and Recognition |publisher=Genentech}}</ref>
Levinson was inducted into the Biotech Hall of Fame at the 2003 Biotech Meeting of chief executive officers. ''BusinessWeek'' named Levinson one of the “Best Managers of the Year” in 2004 and 2005, and Institutional Investor named him “America’s Best CEO” in the biotech category four years in a row (2004–2007). Levinson served as a director of [[Google|Google, Inc.]] from 2004 to 2009, when he resigned from Google's board of directors.<ref>{{cite news|url= |first=Doug |last=Aamoth |title=Genentech's (And Apple Board Member) Arthur Levinson Leaves Google Board |work=Techcrunch |date=October 12, 2009}}</ref><ref>{{cite press release |url= |title=Arthur Levinson Resigns from Google's Board of Directors |publisher=Google |date=October 12, 2009}}</ref>
In 2006, Princeton University awarded Levinson the James Madison Medal for a distinguished career in scientific research and in biotechnology. Also in 2006, Barron’s recognized Levinson as one of “The World’s Most Respected CEOs,” and the [ Best Practice Institute] placed Levinson on their “25 Top CEOs” list. In 2008, Levinson was elected as a Fellow to the [[American Academy of Arts & Sciences]] and rated him as the "nicest" CEO of 2008 with a 93% approval rating.<ref>{{cite news| url= | work=The New York Times | Lists Naughtiest and Nicest C.E.O.'s of 2008 | date=December 26, 2009}}</ref>
In 2010, the Biotechnology Industry Organization honored Levinson with the Biotechnology Heritage Award and the San Francisco Exploratorium with their Director’s Award.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Awards and Recognition |publisher=Genentech}}</ref>
Levinson has authored or co-authored more than 80 scientific articles and has been a named inventor on 11 United States patents.<ref name="Broad"/>
On November 15, 2011 Levinson was named chairman of the board for [[Apple Inc.]] replacing [[Steve Jobs]].<ref>{{cite news |url= |title=Genentech's Art Levinson Replaces Steve Jobs As Chairman Of Apple's Board |publisher=Forbes | first=Brian |last=Caulfield}}</ref>
== Personal life ==
His father is Sol Levinson and mother is Malvina. He is married to Rita May Liff since December 17, 1978 and has two children.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Arthur D. Levinson |publisher=NNDB}}</ref>
== Awards And Nominations ==
'''Double Helix Medal'''
* 2012: [ CSHL Double Helix Medal Honoree]
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