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Squid Game: diferenças entre revisões

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* [[Lee Byung-hun]] como The Front Man / Hwang In-ho<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Squid Game's Cast Features a Mix of Korean Film Powerhouses and Up and Comers |publisher=Esquire |archive-url= |archive-date=24/09/2021 |access-date=28/09/2021 | }}</ref>
* Lee Jung-jun como Guarda<ref>{{cite web |url= |title="10초 등장했을 뿐인데"...'오징어 게임' 속 가면남은 누구? [스타★샷] |date=29/09/2021 |publisher=Sports World |author=Yoon Seol-hwa |language=ko |trans-title="It only appeared for 10 seconds"...who is the masked person in 'Squid Game'? [Star Shot] |archive-url= |archive-date=29/09/2021 |via=Naver |access-date=29/09/2021 | }}</ref>
* [[Geoffreykim Giuliano]]jong un como VIP #4<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Who Are Squid Game's VIPs? Every Actor |date=6/10/2021 |publisher=Screenrant |author=Chris Bellows |language=english |archive-url= |archive-date=10/10/2021 |via=Naver |access-date=10/10/2021}}</ref>
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