Lista de episódios de Get Backers

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Lista de episódios do anime Get Backers.

Saga Episódios título Manga
(Fillers) 1 The Initials are "G"(Ginji) and "B"(Ban) (Somente Anime)
2 GetBack the Rusted Bonds Saga 1. Enter The GetBackers
Platinum 3 Operation: Recover the Platinum Saga 3.
Givers and Takers
4 Recovery Service vs Transport Service
5 Deathmatch at Sunrise: The Lightning Emperor vs Dr J
The Stradivarius 6 Get Back the Divine Melody saga 4.
The Sound of Life
7 The Animal Transformation of the Beastmaster
8 Timbre of Life, Resound
13th Sunflower 9 Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! Part One saga 5.
Magical Sunflower
10 Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! Part Two
Operation Recover "IL"
(Primeira Saga da Fortaleza Ilimitada)
11 Breach the Limitless Fortress - Operation Recover IL saga 6.
Return to the Infinity Fortress
12 The Unknown Boy, MakubeX
13 Explosion: Fuuchouin - School Thread Technique
14 The New Four Kings
15 The Loulan Dance Whip That Twirls in the Night
16 Explosion! The Lightning Emperor Angry
17 Recovery Team. Rendezvous!
18 Crash! Shido vs Emishi!
19 Oh, My Friend - Kazuki vs Juubei
20 The Man from Babylon City
21 Blade of Revenge: Ban vs Fudou
22 Awakening: The Advent of the Lightning Emperor
23 Attack! The Virtual Corps
24 The Final Fight! Ginji vs MakubeX
25 Get Back the Limitless Future
(Fillers) 26 Steam Recovery: The Hot Springs Travel Diary?! (Interlúdio).
Let's Go to the Hot Springs!
27 High School Girl vs. Recovery Service ((Somente Anime))
28 The Man Who Lost His Past ((Somente Anime))
Venus de Milo 29 Get Back the Arms of the Goddess saga 7.
The Lost Arms of the Goddess
30 Mystery Assassins: The Miroku Siblings
31 Hera and Krait
32 The Mission Start! Ginji vs Miroku
33 Get Back the Eternal Goddess
(Fillers) 34 The Get Backers Break Up?! The Enemy is Ban Midou (Somente Anime?)
35 Get Back the Flame of Life (Somente Anime?)
36 The Children of Destiny (Somente Anime?)
37 Natsumi Does Her Best! (Somente Anime?)
38 A Recital Just for You (Interlúdio).
Shido and Madoka
39 Ginji Hospitalised? It's a Hospital! Everybody Assembled! (inspiration from the hospital scenes at the end of the Divine Design arc)
40 Monkey Counterattack! (Somente Anime?)
41 Farewell, My Beloved (Somente Anime?)
42 The Cost of Betrayal (Somente Anime?)
Return to the Limitless Fortress
(Segunda saga da Fortaleza ilimitada)
43 The Man Who Came Back... The Limitless Fortress, Once More (Somente Anime?)
44 The Last of the Four Kings
45 Demon of Revenge - Fudou Passes Away
46 Brain Trust
47 Bust Into Beltline! Ginji vs Masaki
48 Fated Confrontation - Ban vs Akabane
49 GetBackers

Get Backers

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