Prêmio Tycho Brahe

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O Prêmio Tycho Brahe (em inglês: Tycho Brahe Prize) é concedido pela European Astronomical Society. Iniciado em 2008, é concedido anualmente em reconhecimento no desenvolvimento pioneiro ou exploração da instrumentação astronômica europeia, ou descobertas maiores baseadas principalmente nestes instrumentos.[1]

Laureados[editar | editar código-fonte]

Ano Laureado País Contribuição
2008 Göran Scharmer  Suécia He is one of the leading solar physicists with a remarkable track record in advancing ground-based solar observations.[2]
2009 Françoise Combes  França She has done fundamental work in the area of dynamics of galaxies, on the interstellar medium in extragalactic systems, molecular absorption lines in the intergalactic medium, and on Dark Matter in the Universe.[3]
2010 Raymond Wilson  Reino Unido His profound theoretical and practical knowledge of optics and his vision for achieving optical perfection led him to the concept of Active Optics which changed the world of large telescopes overnight: No major telescope will any longer be built without Active Optics.[4]
2011 Michael Perryman  Reino Unido for his crucial role in the fostering of high precision, global stellar astrometry from space, in particular the development of the Hipparcos mission.[5]
2012 Reinhard Genzel  Alemanha in recognition of his outstanding contributions to European near-infrared astronomy, through the development of sophisticated instrumentation, and for ground-breaking work in galactic and extra-galactic astronomy leading to the best evidence to date for the existence of black holes.[6]
2013 Massimo Tarenghi  Itália in recognition of his central role in the development of the European Southern Observatory facilities that have resulted in Europe's world-leading role in ground-based astronomy.[7]
2014 Antoine Émile Henry Labeyrie  França in recognition of his innovative concepts and inventions now widely used in modern optical imaging at high angular resolution
2015 Michel Mayor Suíça in recognition of the development of instrumentation, which led to his discovery of the first extra-solar planet orbiting a solar-type star and to his leading role in this domain during the last twenty years


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