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Esta é a predefinição {{SIA}} ou set index article.

It can be used without any parameters to mark a page as a generic set index article. Like this:


Which renders like this:

It then categorises the page into en:Category:Set indices.

This template can also be fed a name of a type of set index article. For instance like this:


Which renders like this:

Note that it used the word "comics" in the text above. And it will then categorise the page into en:Category:Set indices on comics.

Technical details[editar código-fonte]

This template also adds the hidden category Categoria:Todas as páginas desambiguação both when used with or without the name described above.

This template only categorises a page if the page is in the main (article) space. Thus it will not categorise for instance a talk page or this template page where it might be shown or discussed.

Uso[editar código-fonte]

  • {{mountainindex}} – For set index articles about mountain names.
  • {{shipindex}} – For lists of ships with the same or similar names.