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This page is a (mostly) up-to-date translation of Usuário:Chicocvenancio/projeto. Which is a page to develop ideas around the project that was initially discussed in WikiRio 8.0. I have no experience in dealing with projects so any help is much appreciated. As soon as I have something presentable I'll announce this project to the community.

Focus[editar | editar código-fonte]

This project focus will be the internal processes of the Portuguese Wikipedia community. It is a broad focus that will be divided in smaller focuses:

  • Documentation
  • Templates
  • Bots technical stuff
  • Categories
  • Proposals submissions
  • Decision making processes
  • Deletion
  • Featuring
  • Conflict resolution

Name[editar | editar código-fonte]

It is not exactly the most important decision, but it is one that will be difficult to undo.

Maryana suggested "Community Health", but "Saúde da Comunidade" or "Saúde Comunitária" would be very strang. Google translator "suggested" "Recycling"("Reciclagem"), which didn't persuade me either.

We could go with "Internal Processes" ("Processos Internos"), but I also think this is weird. In essence, I need ideas.

Targets (priorities)[editar | editar código-fonte]

I think that first we should deal with whatever can be quickly fixed with high impact, but we can't loose focus from what is the most important goals (and have more difficult solutions). I have made two lists so we can debate them:

Urgent[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Aggressive templates
  • Confusing and non-highly visible systems
  • Precarious documentation
  • Improve the reception of new editors
  • Elect CheckUsers

Important[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Define and educate about reaching a consensus
  • Lower the use of polls
  • Redefine and make explicit the role of the admins
  • Improve the mediation system (make it an effective one)
  • Create an effective Arbitration System (ArbCom)

Means[editar | editar código-fonte]

Here is where I need the most help, we need incentives to make editors participate in the project and to make them do the boring work of resolving these problems (and not only whine make suggestions later).

For me, an added incentive to do work here in Wikipedia is that I can do a small part of the work and someone else comes and helps doing another bit, within little time we have an excellent article. In my opinion, part of what makes these problems be known by everyone but attacked by a few is precisely because the job is not very specialized. In general, to be able to propose a good change in any o these areas a wide range of skills is necessary (technical, linguistic (in Portuguese and other languages), about decision making processes, about other Wikipedias, about the acceptance of a proposal and the mood of the community etc). Therefore, as a first step, I believe we should divide each target we have into small tasks.

To start, I have thought in these tasks:

  • Initial research
  • Current state of the matther in the Portuguese Wikipedia
  • Different solutions adopted in other Wikipedias
  • Search for new alternatives
  • Result analyses
  • Writing the proposals
  • Solving technical problems
  • Post-implementation follow up
  • Proposal discussion mediation
  • Fostering participation
  • Inviting valuable member
  • Analyzing and complimenting work done for the project

From theses tasks we would give medals (or compliments) to members who've made a valuable job (in quantity, quality or importance) in any of these areas (giving medals also qualifies under the last item).