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The Portuguese Wikipedia community is in mourning


On the evening of September 2, 2018, a massive fire broke out at the National Museum of Brazil at Quinta da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro, destroying almost all of the historical collection spanning over two hundred years, which included over twenty million items in its catalog. In addition to this rich collection, the building itself was the former residence of the Emperor of Brazil. It was extremely damaged, experiencing cracks, the collapse of its roof, and failures of the internal slabs.

You can help

Contribute images of the National Museum of Brazil to our collection.

One of the most immediate challenges is to recover and preserve images of the museum building and its collection, as our visual memory of these items is now our main asset. Anyone who has visited the museum and taken photographs of the buildings and its objects or someone who knows another person who has taken photographs can help: create an account at the Wikimedia Commons and upload the relevant photos. It is very important that your contribution follows the guidelines of submitting images to the Wikimedia Commons, especially those in respect to free licenses. Please see the infographic on the side for further information.

It is also of great importance to ensure the quality of the contents about the National Museum and its collection on Wikipedia. Let's create a catalog of important entries, and we count on your assistance in improving them.

If you have any questions, please write to the discussion page of this project, and an experienced editor will be happy to help you.

Wikipedia editors are in contact with the curators of the National Museum of Brazil so they can freely load images of the collection. This includes technical images, rare works, and scientific documentation. We will announce further developments on this page.

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