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Dušan Kreheľ (bot)[editar código-fonte]

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Operator: Dušan Kreheľ

Automatic or manually assisted: Semi-automatically or automatically.

Programming language(s): PHP language. Wikimate, custom code.

Function summary: Merging simple identical references by bot.

Edit period(s) (e.g. continuous, daily, one time run): Maximal 2 times per month.

Edit rate requested: very few changes by default per time

Already has a bot flag (Y/N): Only on 6 another local Wikipedias.

Function details: Merging simple identical references by bot

Discussion[editar código-fonte]

@Dušan Kreheľ: Hi, and thanks for your interest in running your bot here on the Portuguese Wikipedia. Seems like a good and simple idea. Some instructions about what we need to do from now:

  1. Wait more two or three days before start testing, just to give time to anyone take a look here and note suggestions, questions...;
  2. After that, please, do some edits to test (up to 50 edits max);
  3. Use summaries in Portuguese. For your task, I think [[WP:BOT|bot]]: mesclando referências is a good text;
  4. After end your tests, please, ping me here so we can go ahead :)

This is all for now, let me know if you have any questions and thank you again for open this request. Regards, stanglavine msg 14h08min de 28 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Stanglavine My bot use standard this comment style messages (Notice: singular/plural):
  • More used with only one reference definition: COUNT new reference/references and COUNT new reference call/calls.
How text have i set in change description, if another text as English? Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 16h07min de 28 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Dušan Kreheľ: An approximated translation (with some abbreviations) could be (singular/plural):
  • bot: definindo refs usadas múltiplas vezes: COUNT nova/novas definição/definições e COUNT nova/novas chamada/chamadas
The "bot" term is recommended by our bot policy. Is that possible? stanglavine msg 18h51min de 28 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Stanglavine: Ok, I use Your translate with prefix with the link "bot:", if you agree. Added prefix is none problem. Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 19h13min de 28 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Stanglavine: Can You give my bot a group autoconfirmed. My changes have the error by abusefilter-warning messages: Remoção considerável de conteúdo or Remoção de referências. ✍️ Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 19h46min de 30 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Dušan Kreheľ: Done, should work now. stanglavine msg 21h35min de 30 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Stanglavine: The bot have the 10 page changes. ✍️ Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 22h33min de 30 de abril de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Stanglavine How is the status of my request? Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 14h18min de 16 de maio de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Dušan Kreheľ: Hi! Sorry for my delay. I have some questions:

  1. In the first 5 summaries, I saw "nova/novas nova", should be only "novas" for the plural version (and "nova" for the single). The last 5 edits are ok, have you fixed this issue?
  2. New definitions are created only for duplicated references, right? If a ref has no definition but also no more than one single use, your script doesn't create a definition for it, right? (this is what I understood, just to confirm)
  3. What happens when a ref is used more than once but it already has a definition?
  4. Can you elaborate a bit more about your schedule? You said "2 times per month" and "very few changes by default per time". You will set an explicit limit of pages per run? How much?

Thanks for your answer! stanglavine msg 18h02min de 16 de maio de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

  1. Yes, the wrong setting for the language text in the change description.
  2. Yes. Yes.
  3. It doesn't merge. It ignores the previous definition and does not interfere with it in any way. One has to merge it manually (this is how it is implemented).
  4. Analyzing the whole wikipedia from a dump file of local wikipedia. New dumps are 2 times a month. For each compliant page, it analyzes the current online version. If the page needs to be changed, it will change. … Statistics from cswiki: 55 pages on 2022-05-01 and 137 pages on 2022-06-01 (Source: The list of the compliant pages from the dumps). Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 23h53min de 5 de junho de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Dušan Kreheľ: Thanks! About the 4th answer, as this is the first time we will fix the issue here, our dump probably will have a lot of articles. Can you set a limit of articles (100 seems a good number to me) to edit per run, just to avoid things like thousands of edits in just few minutes? Since this is not an emergency fix, there is no reason to do these edits very fast. stanglavine msg 18h36min de 10 de junho de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Stanglavine: My offer: Practically (today on jawiki) I make 7-8 adjustments per minute until finished.
The count of "infected" sites (2022-06-01): 19 436.
My change: Minimal 40+ or 46+ hours (7 or 8 changes per minute nonstop).
Your idea: Minimal ~8 year (200 changes per month)
So how? Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 20h34min de 10 de junho de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Dušan Kreheľ I think we usually limit bot changes to about 6 per minute max. Would this be ok for you? It will probably take a few more hours for your first run, but nothing too dramatic. GoEThe (discussão) 15h55min de 19 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@GoEThe: Standart is the maximal the 12 changes per minute (less depending on serveros demand). But if You wanna special (maximal) the 6 changes per minute, so none problem. Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 20h01min de 19 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Dušan Kreheľ, thank you! I granted the bot flag. The bot can run now. GoEThe (discussão) 08h50min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@Dušan Kreheľ you are running at 12 edits / min. We agreed at 6 edits / min. GoEThe (discussão) 15h12min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
I blocked the bot until you acknowledge and fix the edit rate. Sorry for any inconvenience. GoEThe (discussão) 15h15min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@GoEThe: You proposed 6 changes per minute, I proposed 12 per minute. But the final verdict was not with 6 changes per minute (You don't writed the example: "So, you use …").
If u minded the 6 changes per minute, so I updated my bot for 12 → 6 changes per minute now. Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 15h29min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Sorry for not being explicit. Please run the bot with 6 edits per minute. I have unblocked the account. GoEThe (discussão) 15h38min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]
@GoEThe: Done. Dušan Kreheľ (discussão) 15h48min de 22 de agosto de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]