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    Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

    NB: The central access point to European cultural heritage which became known as “European digital library” (EDL or 'Bibliotheque numerique europeenne) has changed its name. From now on the one and only correct title is Europeana.

    Please mind that there are 2 different services:

      1. The European Library / La Bibliothèque Européenne
      2. Europeana (earlier named European digital library)

    More information at http://telfleur.wordpress.com/

    Can someone please correct this in the article?

    Many, many thanks!!

    Fleur Stigter

    A Complementary Relation[editar código-fonte]

    On one hand we have unique, quality-proven, reliable resources from all over Europe (The European Library)

    On the other, we like to create articles and for this we need reliable information, and references (Wikipedia)

    If you have a suggestion how we can combine the two or you like to brainstorm about this, please leave a short message and your signature...

    Updating the European Library page[editar código-fonte]

    Hello! There's an updated version of The European Library page in English. Can anyone translate it? Thanks. (discussão) 14h39min de 1 de fevereiro de 2011 (UTC)[responder]