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  • Parameters:
  1. Title text, automatically bolded. "Route map" by default
  2. Template name. When typed, a mini {{Navbar}} v-d-e links to the route template will be displayed on the left. If the code of your diagram is directly written in the article, just leave it blank.
  3. Background color of the livery of the system, #be2d2c◆(heavy rail red) by default.
  4. Font color (including the Navbar), white by default. If the title text entry is interlinked, this entry won't affect the color of the link. Instead, you need to use the HTML element <font> like this: [[Green Line|<font color=white>Green Line</font>]]. Or just use the {{LinkColor}}.
  5. Header width, 100% by default. Tip: set the table width in {{Railway line header}} by applying the #1 parameter (for defining additional CSS styling) is more effective.


Code Result
{|{{railway line header}}
{{BS|BHF||name placeholder|placeholder|placeholder}}
Route map
Station on track
name placeholderplaceholder placeholder

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