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new Layers[editar código-fonte]

Hello, could somebody please add:

Greetings, de:user:Kolosssos

More Openstreetmap[editar código-fonte]

Openstreetmaps get it's own geohack. Please add the foolwing link additional to the OSM-main map to GeoTemplate:

--de:user:Kolossos19h18min de 23 de julho de 2009 (UTC)

Location error[editar código-fonte]

This links is in the India. The correct:,+Osaka+Prefecture,+Japan&t=h&z=16

Wrong Address latitude and longitude this to 3 cities in triplice frontier on Brazil[editar código-fonte]

GeoHack (4.205278; -69.932778) WGS84 4° 12′ 19″ N, 69° 55′ 58″ W 4.205278, -69.932778 Mudar ligação para a antípoda de (-4.205278, 110.067222) UTM 19N 396478 464880

This location in Map on WIkipedia is wrong because have a fault in Latitude Point, the correct is - 4.205278 and no 4.205278; because are cities of south hemisphere not north hemisphere that suggest the latitude actual on address of GeoHack Ok. The 3 cities was below of line of equator not above like suggest the location press in site OK This 3 cities is Leticia (Colombia) Santa Rosa (Peru) and Tabatinga (Brazil on state of Amazon) in great tiplice frontier. The correct Lat and Long is -4.205278; -69.932778. I am teacher of Geography. Bye