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I am not a programmer and so, I do not know if these article will fit correctly in the "feed" QL was a fantastic machine "out of its time". Clive Sinclair was not smart enough to understand a number of "marketing and commercial issues". QL could have represented what Linux is today if the proper marketing strategy was followed. In fact, beeing one "university guy" he knew, against all trends of the market then, that "multi user / multi tasking" what the "right thing". That was the "university school". But, at that time, the marketing was MSFT/IBM PC where the issue was "single task" and "single user" Gary Kildall was smart enough to do CP/M ( which in reality was a striped down version of Unix ) but Clive was not ... He just went to it. QL was inovative many ways. It have a nice GUI which did not even require a mouse. It have presented a product which, so far I remember was called QUILL which was one of the first, if not the first "OFFICE PACKAGE" at the time. It had the 32 bit, amazingly striped down to 8bit port, taking all its power out of the machine. Even the keyboard was very nice. The failure was basic trying to fit into a "no where market" ... It was not a business machine and it was not a home machine.The stupid drive system made the rest. Who took advantadge of it ?? Mr Alan Michael Sugar ... He understood the market. Picked up and corrected what was wrong in the Speectrum, made an home computer. Later introduced business practical machines untill he made mistakes on his own. But that´s another story.

Sinclair QL
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computador pessoal
Desenvolvedor: Sinclair Research Edit this on Wikidata
Descontinuado 1986 Edit this on Wikidata
Lançamento: janeiro de 1984 (38 anos)
Sistema operativo: Sinclair Super Basic
Processador Motorola 68008 em 7,5 MHz
Memória 128 KiB–728 KiB (máxima)
Sistema operativo Sinclair Super Basic
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O Sinclair QL (Quantum Leap), foi um computador pessoal lançado pela Sinclair Research em 1984, como sucessor do ZX Spectrum. O QL foi a primeira máquina Sinclair destinada ao uso profissional e também o primeiro microcomputador de 32 bits (foi lançado poucos dias antes do Apple Macintosh), mas não obteve grande sucesso comercial.

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