Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.

Geosapiens is the nickname of a human being (born November 26, 1976, Lisbon), a European wikipedian, currently living in Lisbon, that considers himself an statelessness citizen because he is a citizen of the planet earth not a territory delineated by imagine frontiers.

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I have a wide range of interests but my develop subjects in the Wiki universe (Portuguese Wikipedia, Wikilivros - Wikibooks - and Wikimedia Commons) are related and focus on politics, freemasonry (and carbonari), biographies (politics and musicians), geographic and history maters.

I have a wide range of musical taste but I like melodious music (could be pop, world music, Celtic or rock) but my favourite style is classical music and in that my music taste are eclectic to all classical types of music.

I´m a Sephardi Jew that descends of a family of Crypto-Jews and Marrano that exilates in Brazil, I’m not a religious practicing but I’m tryng to approach of my ancestress religion.

I’m a Master Mason of the Portuguese Federation of Le Droit Humain.

My interest in literature and books is natural, because I read books since my five years old, and since then I consider myself as a compulsive reader that turn out is knowledge to a wide range of platforms and interventions like seminars, papers, books and the wiki universe were I talk about Freemasonry and Carbonari subjects linked to history.

I like to travel and I have already visit all five continents but I know better the European and the American Continent (Brasil and United States of America/U.S.A.).