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I am a science enthusiastic with a especial interest in health. I hold a degree in physical therapy and I am currently working in the research field, mostly focused in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. One of my main motivations is to contribute to a world with high-quality health care. I believe that moving towards an evidence-informed pratice and a person-centered approach, including people as active parties in their own health, is key. So, my main goals are helping empower people about health (promoting health literacy), and bridging the gap between scientific evidence and clinical practice. With this in mind, I recently joined the Cochrane Campbell Global Ageing Partnership Wikipedia Project as a volunteer, embracing the challenge to facilitate access to high quality evidence. Hence, I will be including Cochrane and Campbell evidence on Wikipedia articles related to health and ageing.

I am always eager to learn new things and to develop my critical thinking, and I believe that discussion with peers is crucial, so feel free to contact me!

Disclaimer: My work on Wikipedia is currently being developed on a volunteer basis.