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I'm a Wikipedian from Germany so my native language is German. In addition to that, I'm able to communicate at an advanced level of English. To find more specific information about me, I kindly ask you to check my German Wikipedia User page. Some personal info: I was born in 1975, have a M.Sc. in Human biology, and live in the far north-east of Germany. My main fields of interest and work within the Wikipedia include Red Cross history and activities and a wide range of science topics with an emphasis (naturally) on Biology and Medicine.

For my contributions to the Wikimedia Commons repository, check my Wikimedia Commons User page. You can leave a message for me on my talk page here as well as in the German Wikipedia, the later one being preferred. Alternatively, you can use the e-mail feature to contact me. My contributions to the Portuguese Wikipedia will most probably be minor edits only, like adding interwiki links to the German or the English Wikipedia.