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Esta predefinição lista todos os pay-per-views atuais e antigos da WWE.

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{{WWE PPV|Armageddon}}
{{WWE PPV|Backlash}}
{{WWE PPV|Bad Blood}}
{{WWE PPV|Battleground}}
{{WWE PPV|Bragging Rights}}
{{WWE PPV|Cyber Sunday}}
{{WWE PPV|Elimination Chamber}}
{{WWE PPV|Extreme Rules}}
{{WWE PPV|Fastlane}}
{{WWE PPV|Fully Loaded}}
{{WWE PPV||In Your House}}
{{WWE PPV|Hell in a Cell}}
{{WWE PPV|Judgment Day}}
{{WWE PPV|King of the Ring}}
{{WWE PPV|Money in the Bank}}
{{WWE PPV|New Year's Revolution}}
{{WWE PPV|Night of Champions}}
{{WWE PPV|No Mercy}}
{{WWE PPV|No Way Out}}
{{WWE PPV|NXT TakeOver}}
{{WWE PPV||One Night Stand}}
{{WWE PPV|Over the Edge}}
{{WWE PPV|Over the Limit}}
{{WWE PPV|Payback}}
{{WWE PPV|Rebellion}}
{{WWE PPV|Royal Rumble}}
{{WWE PPV|SummerSlam}}
{{WWE PPV|Survivor Series}}
{{WWE PPV|The Great American Bash}}
{{WWE PPV|Unforgiven}}
{{WWE PPV|WrestleMania}}

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