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Ptwikis Abuse Graphs[editar código-fonte]

@Johannnes89: Here is the right place to report bugs in the tool. There was a change in the abuse filter database that broke the tool, now it is fixed. Danilo.mac(discussão) 02h25min de 31 de julho de 2021 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Danilo.mac: thank you very much! --Johannnes89 (discussão) 06h23min de 31 de julho de 2021 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Filter 1,030[editar código-fonte]

Editing filter 1,030 (see also a graph of recent actions) (discussão) 13h08min de 22 de setembro de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

The tool does not use comma, the correct link to filter 1030 is this, the bug is in the page that pointed you to that wrong link. Danilo.mac(discussão) 13h34min de 22 de setembro de 2022 (UTC)Responder[responder]

Global filter[editar código-fonte]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. With global abuse filters now being deployed (almost) globally [1], it would be great if the filter graph could distinguish between local & global filter IDs.

Looking at ptwiki filter graphs [2], it seems like the tool is able to display global filters if no local filter with the same number exists. At dewiki (with a much larger number of local filters) the filter graph displays many local abuse filters which have been deleted years ago, instead of showing the global filter with the same number [3] Johannnes89 (discussão) 13h09min de 7 de julho de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]

@Johannnes89: No problem at all for write in english. In the ptwiki graphs it also was not showing all global filters, but only those that had no local filter logs for the same number. Now it is fixed, the tool show all global filters that has logs in the last 30 days. Thank you for report the bug!. Danilo.mac(discussão) 21h53min de 7 de julho de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]
Thanks a lot! The fix is really helpful as we are currently discussing the impact of global filters at dewiki. Johannnes89 (discussão) 06h37min de 8 de julho de 2023 (UTC)Responder[responder]