Dragon Boys

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Dragon Boys é uma mini série da Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) estrelada por Eric Tsang, Byron Mann, Lawrence Chou, Tzi Ma, Lauren Lee Smith, Steph Song, Darryl Quon, Christina Ma, Jean Yoon, Simon Wong and Chang Tseng [1]. Foi ao ar pela CBC em 7[2] e 8 de janeiro de 2007[3]

Sinopse[editar | editar código-fonte]

O filme centra-se em várias histórias sobre quadrilhas organizadas de canadenses de origem asiática, e é ambientado principalmente em Vancouver[4] e Richmond (British Columbia)[5][6], Canada. Um deles envolve um asiático-canadense oficial da Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Tommy Jiang (interpretado por Mann), que está a tentar derrubar dois bandidos asiáticos chamado Willie, o pato e o Movie Star (interpretado por Tsang e Chou, respectivamente), no processo de arriscar perder tudo, incluindo seu casamento[7], como ele vai mais fundo na organização criminosa[4].

Eventualmente, o confronto final ocorre entre os movie star e Jiang.[8]

|archivedate = 13 December 2006}}</ref> This led to the producers hiring several prominent Asian Canadians in the community to look over the script to filter out what could be insulting.[9] 

One of the changes made to accommodate Asian Canadians more was the omission of the character of a Caucasian police chief; it was decided that going with a white boss would be counter-productive to the story, and a senior Asian Canadian officer was added instead to add complexity to the script.[9] Another change that was made took previously-submissive and weak Asian female characters in the miniseries and making them outspoken and stronger. More Asian characters were also added to the protagonists' side, so not all the "bad guys" are Asian.[10]

Despite the content of the miniseries, the writer and the director are both Caucasian. Steph Song (who plays Chavy Pahn) found that to be an advantage, in contrast to the alleged racism accusations made by the Chinese Canadian community before it aired. Song claimed that if the miniseries was written and directed by Chinese Canadians, there would be too much sympathy on the part of the Asian characters, and that the "truth" about the Asian drug dealing industry would not have been exposed in an adequate manner.[9]

Filming locations[editar | editar código-fonte]

The film was filmed in the Vancouver, Richmond[5] and Langley, British Columbia[11] area, but takes place in Richmond, a city famous for its Golden Village Asian district on No. 3 Road, as well as its large Asian community which makes up 60 percent of the city's population[12].

Some scenes were shot at one of the malls within the Golden Village, Parker Place.[13] Because of the area's high concentration of Asian Canadians, Eric Tsang (a very well-known actor in Hong Kong films) was mobbed by fans who recognized him.[13]

Partly due to the setting of the miniseries, some of the songs on the series' soundtrack were performed by Asian Canadian musicians from Richmond.[13] -->


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