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Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre.
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EnzaiBot[editar código-fonte]

pedidoediçõescontadorlogsblock userblock logflag logflag botSUL util

Operator: Enzaiklopedia

Automatic or manually assisted: Automatic, I usually supervise edits.

Programming language(s): pywikipedia

Function summary: Add interwiki

Edit period(s) (e.g. continuous, daily, one time run): daily

Edit rate requested: 5 edits per 1 hour.

Already has a bot flag (Y/N): N

Function details: The bot adds and correct interwikis using this parameters: -start:X -auto -cleanup. I usually see it's edits to make sure they are correct. As in other wikipedias now, it will be making test edits before have the bot flag. I need your authorization to start making test edits. Thanks.

Discussion[editar código-fonte]

Lets start the tests, aprox. 50 edits, no more than 3 edits per minute. It will edit solely on main an category namespace, right? Alchimista Fala comigo!

Yes, it will only edit on main articles and categories. One question, every time the bot edits, this wikipedia asks it for a captcha. This will removed when the account is autoconfirmed or when it have the bot flag? Thanks, --Enzaiklopedia (discussão) 16h12min de 9 de abril de 2012 (UTC)

Test edits done, I hope all is well.--Enzaiklopedia (discussão) 15h57min de 12 de abril de 2012 (UTC)

Bot blocked, 150 edits aren't aprox 50, you should had stopped it after the 50, what happened? Alchimista Fala comigo! 20h53min de 13 de abril de 2012 (UTC)
I didn think it would be necessary to stop the bot, I didnt know that it was going to make so many edits. Anyway, I dont think it made ​​harm to Wikipedia. I hope not to cause more errors like that and no more trouble. Can the bot be unblocked? Thanks for the advise, --Enzaiklopedia (discussão) 20h20min de 14 de abril de 2012 (UTC)
You must pay attention to this kind of details, if you are allowed to perform 50 edits, you should stick to it. I'll give the bot flag, but in future, you must pay more attention to what is requested, and what people say, ok? Alchimista Fala comigo! 16h45min de 16 de abril de 2012 (UTC)
I'll pay more attention, thanks a lot. --Enzaiklopedia (discussão) 19h24min de 16 de abril de 2012 (UTC)

Sim Flag granted. In the future, i hope you'll take more care, ok? Alchimista Fala comigo! 14h37min de 19 de abril de 2012 (UTC)