Al Martino

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Al Martino
Martino em 2005
Outros nomes Jasper Cini
Nascimento 07 de outubro de 1927 (91 anos)
Filadélfia, Pensilvânia
Nacionalidade Estados Unidos norte-americano
Morte 13 de outubro de 2009 (82 anos)
Springfield, Pensilvânia
Ocupação Ator, cantor
Atividade 1948–2009
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Al Martino (7 de outubro de 192713 de outubro de 2009) foi um cantor e ator norte-americano, teve seu auge entre os anos 1950 e 1970.

No cinema interpretou Johnny Fontane, personagem que teria sido inspirado no cantor Frank Sinatra, no filme O Poderoso Chefão de 1972. O cantor americano morreu aos 82 anos, em Springfield, Filadélfia, na mesma casa em que passou a infância.[1]

Discografia[editar | editar código-fonte]

Albuns[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • 1959: Al Martino
  • 1960: Swing Along With Al Martino
  • 1962: The Exciting Voice of Al Martino (U.S. No. 109)
  • 1962: The Italian Voice of Al Martino (U.S. No. 57)
  • 1963: I Love You Because (U.S. No. 7)
  • 1963: Painted, Tainted Rose (U.S. No. 9)
  • 1963: Love Notes
  • 1964: A Merry Christmas
  • 1964: I Love You More and More Every Day/Tears and Roses (U.S. No. 31)
  • 1964: Living a Lie (U.S. No. 13)
  • 1965: My Cherie (U.S. No. 19)
  • 1965: Somebody Else is Taking My Place (U.S. No. 42)
  • 1965: We Could (U.S. No. 41)
  • 1966: Spanish Eyes (U.S. No. 8)
  • 1966: Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep (U.S. No. 116)
  • 1966: This is Love (U.S. No. 57)
  • 1967: Daddy's Little Girl (U.S. No. 23)
  • 1967: This Love for You (U.S. No. 99)
  • 1967: Mary in the Morning (U.S. No. 63)
  • 1968: Love is Blue (U.S. No. 56)
  • 1968: This is Al Martino (U.S. No. 129)
  • 1969: Jean (U.S. No. 196)
  • 1969: Sausalito (U.S. No. 189)
  • 1970: Can't Help Falling in Love (U.S. No. 184)
  • 1970: My Heart Sings (U.S. No. 172)
  • 1972: Love Theme from 'The Godfather' (U.S. No. 138)
  • 1975: To the Door of the Sun (U.S. No. 129)
  • 1976: In Concert: Recorded With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (live)
  • 1976: Sing My Love Songs
  • 1977: Time after time
  • 1978: Al Martino Sings
  • 1978: Al Martino
  • 1982: All of Me
  • 1993: The Voice to Your Heart; produced by Dieter Bohlen in Germany
  • 2006: Come Share the Wine
  • 2011: Thank You

Compilações[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • 1968: The Best of Al Martino (U.S. No. 108)
  • 1999: The Legendary Al Martino

Singles[editar | editar código-fonte]

Ano Titles (Lado A/Lado B) U.S. Billboard[2] U.S. Cash Box[3] U.S. AC[2] UK[4] Album
1952 "Here in My Heart"

b/w "I Cried Myself To Sleep"

1 2 1 Non-album tracks
"Take My Heart"

b/w "I Never Cared"

12 9
"I've Never Seen"

b/w "Say You'll Wait For Me"

1953 "Now"

b/w "In All This World"

25 3

b/w "One Lonely Night"

30 21 10
"Here In My Arms"

b/w "There's Music In You"

"When You're Mine"

b/w "This Night I'll Remember"

"All I Want Is A Chance"

b/w "You Can't Go On Forever Breaking My Heart"

1954 "Melancholy Serenade"

b/w "Way, Paesano (Uei...Paesano)"


b/w "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight"

"The Story Of Tina"

b/w "Say It Again"

"Don't Go To Strangers"

b/w "When"

1955 "The Man From Laramie"

b/w "To Please My Lady"

"Love Is Eternal"

b/w "The Snowy, Snowy Mountains"

1956 "A Love To Call My Own"

b/w "The Girl I Left In Rome"

1957 "I'm Sorry"

b/w "I'm A Funny Guy"

1958 "Here In My Heart"

b/w "Two Lovers"

1959 "I Can't Get You Out of My Heart"

b/w "Two Hearts Are Better Than One"

44 43
"Darling, I Love You"

b/w "The Memory Of You"

63 52
1960 "Summertime"

b/w "I Sold My Heart" (Non-album track)

49 Swing Along With Al Martino
"Dearest (Cara)"

b/w "Hello My Love"

106 Non-album tracks
"Only The Broken Hearted"

b/w "Journey To Love"

"Our Concerto"

b/w "In My Heart Of Hearts"

"Come Back To Me"

b/w "It's All Over But The Crying"

1961 "Little Boy, Little Girl"

b/w "My Side Of The Story"

109 92
"Here in My Heart" (re-recording)

b/w "Granada"

86 102 17 The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino

b/w "Another Time, Another Place"

Non-album tracks
1962 "There's No Tomorrow"

b/w "The Memory Of You"

"Love, Where Are You Now (Toselli Serenade)"

b/w "Exodus"

119 The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino
"Because You're Mine"

b/w "Make Me Believe"

1963 "I Love You Because"

b/w "Merry-Go-Round"

3 3 1 48 I Love You Because
"Painted, Tainted Rose"

b/w "That's The Way It's Got To Be"

15 19 3 Painted, Tainted Rose
"Living A Lie"

b/w "I Love You Truly" (from Painted, Tainted Rose)

22 23 8 Living A Lie
1964 "My Side Of The Story"

b/w "It's All Over But The Crying"

Non-album tracks
"I Love You More and More Every Day"

b/w "I'm Living My Heaven With You"

9 11 3 I Love You More and More Every Day
"Tears and Roses"

b/w "A Year Ago Tonight" (Non-album track)

20 18 7
"Always Together" / 33 41 4 We Could
"Thank You For Loving Me" 118 96 Non-album tracks
"I Can't Get You Out of My Heart" (reissue)

b/w "Come Back To Me"

"We Could"

b/w "Sunrise To Sunrise"

41 44 6 We Could
"Silver Bells"

b/w "You're All I Want For Christmas"

145 A Merry Christmas
1965 "My Heart Would Know"

b/w "Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte"

52 50 11 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
"Somebody Else Is Taking My Place" / 53 64 11
"With All My Heart" 122 99
"My Cherie" / 88 79 26 My Cherie
"Ramona" tag Painted, Tainted Rose
"Forgive Me"

b/w "What Now, My Love" (from My Cherie)

61 73 7 Spanish Eyes
1966 "Spanish Eyes"

b/w "Melody Of Love" (From My Cherie)

15 16 1 5 A
"Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself To Sleep"

b/w "Hello Memory"

30 33 2

b/w "The Minute You're Gone"

57 61 3 Think I'll Go Somewhere and Cry Myself to Sleep
"Just Yesterday"

b/w "By The River Of Roses" (from Spanish Eyes)

77 71 12 This Is Love
"The Wheel of Hurt"

b/w "Somewhere In This World"

59 57 12 Daddy's Little Girl
1967 "Daddy's Little Girl"

b/w "Devotion" (From This Love For You)

42 46 2
"Mary in the Morning"

b/w "I Love You and You Love Me"

27 27 1
"More Than the Eye Can See"

b/w "Red Is Red" (from Mary In The Morning)

54 47 1 This Is Al Martino
"A Voice In the Choir"

b/w "The Glory Of Love" (from This Is Al Martino)

80 81 5 Non-album track
1968 "Love Is Blue"

b/w "I'm Carryin' The World On My Shoulders"

57 60 3 Love Is Blue
"Lili Marlene"

b/w "Georgia"

87 82 7
"Wake Up To Me Gentle"

b/w "If You Must Leave My Life"

120 125 21 Wake Up To Me Gentle
1969 "I Can't Help It"

b/w "I Can See Only You"

97 93 10

b/w "Take My Hand For A While"

99 62 13 Sausalito
"I Started Loving You Again" B

b/w "Let Me Stay Awhile" (from Jean)

86 74 19 Non-album track
1970 "Can't Help Falling in Love"

b/w "You're All The Woman That I Need"

51 57 5 Can't Help Falling In Love
"Walking In The Sand"

b/w "One More Mile (and Darlin', I'll Be Home)" (from Can't Help Falling In Love)

123 9 To The Door Of The Sun
"True Love Is Greater Than Friendship"

b/w "The Call"

110 33 My Heart Sings
1971 "Come Into My Life"

b/w "One Pair Of Hands" (from My Heart Sings)

104 30 To The Door Of The Sun
"Losing My Mind"

b/w "Too Many Mornings" (Non-album track)

39 Summer of '42
"This Summer Knows"

b/w "More Now Than Ever"

1972 "Speak Softly Love"

b/w "I Have But One Heart"

80 81 24 Love Theme from 'The Godfather'
"Canta Libre"

b/w "Take Me Back"

37 Non-album tracks
1973 "Hey Mama"

b/w "If I Give My Heart To You" (Non-album track)

The Very Best Of Al Martino
"Daddy Let's Play"

b/w "Mary Go Lightly (Como Un Nino)" (from To The Door Of The Sun)

Country Style
1975 "To the Door of the Sun (Alle Porte del Sole)"

b/w "Mary Go Lightly (Como Un Nino)"

17 21 7 To The Door Of The Sun
1976 "Volare"

b/w "You Belong To Me"

33 41 9 Sing My Love Songs
"My Thrill"

b/w "The More I See You"

"Sing My Love Song" (With The Mike Curb Congregation)

b/w "May I Have The Next Dream With You"

1977 "Kentucky Morning"

b/w "Sweet Marlorene"

110 26 The Next Hundred Years
1978 "The Next Hundred Years"

b/w "After The Lovin'"

49 55 6
"One Last Time"

b/w "Here I Go Again"

1979 "Torero"

b/w "Now That I Found You"

Non-album tracks
1980 "Almost Gone"

B-side unknown

1981 "Look Around (You'll Find Me There)"

"More Than Ever Now"

1982 "You and I"

b/w "If I Should Love Again"

"What Your Love Did For Me"

b/w "Warm Is When You Touch Me"

  • A "Spanish Eyes" reached #5 in the UK on re-issue in 1973.[4]
  • B "I Started Loving You Again" also peaked at #69 on Hot Country Songs.


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