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JJMC89 bot[editar código-fonte]

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Operator: JJMC89

Automatic or manually assisted: Automatic

Programming language(s): Python; source

Function summary: Replace BSicons

Edit period(s): Daily

Edit rate requested: ~6 edits per minute

Already has a bot flag: No

Function details:

Replace BSicons.
The config (global) has a blacklist and a whitelist.

Notes: I only understand English. Please verify that the edit summary has been appropriately translated. This task was requested because the route diagram templates don't use syntax recognized by global replace / CommonsDelinker. This task has been approved on English Wikipedia and running since February 2017.

Discussion[editar código-fonte]

@Alchimista, Diego Queiroz e Danilo.mac:. Eta Carinae (discussão) 12h15min de 13 de setembro de 2017 (UTC)[Responder]

@JJMC89: the bot has been editing without permission, what happened there? As far as i see, it's a simple replacement, no other actions like cosmetic changes are applied, can you confirm that? Alchimista Fala comigo! 13h25min de 25 de outubro de 2017 (UTC)[Responder]
Yes, it has. It is part of a task for all WMF wikis. This request hadn't had any comments for over a month when it started editing. I figured that if anyone objected to it running unapproved they would ask me to stop it or disable it themselves. Yes, it is a just a replacement with no extra changes. JJMC89 (discussão) 02h28min de 26 de outubro de 2017 (UTC)[Responder]
This request has been sitting without review for months. Would someone review it? JJMC89 (discussão) 00h59min de 23 de maio de 2018 (UTC)[Responder]
@RadiX, Teles or Jbribeiro1: Would you be willing to review this request or poke someone else to review it? JJMC89 (discussão) 03h38min de 26 de junho de 2018 (UTC)[Responder]
@JJMC89: The task is simple and the script seems to operate without major problems on the other projects. The bot should await the approval before start editing, and that complicated things. I approve it because seems harmless, and that seems the only problem I found, but you should pay a little more attention to local projects regulations. Alchimista Fala comigo! 16h09min de 26 de junho de 2018 (UTC)[Responder]