Hans Eysenck

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Hans Eysenck
Conhecido(a) por Inteligência, Psicologia da personalidade, Psicologia Diferencial, Educação, Psiquiatria, Terapia comportamental
Nascimento 4 de março de 1916
(Berlim, Império Alemão
Morte 4 de setembro de 1997
Londres, Inglaterra
Nacionalidade Britânica
Alma mater University College London
Ocupação Psicólogo
Principais trabalhos Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ)

Hans Jürgen Eysenck (Berlim, 4 de março de 1916Londres, 4 de setembro de 1997) foi um psicólogo nascido na Alemanha, que passou sua carreira profissional na Grã-Bretanha. Ele era no seu tempo lembrado por seus trabalhos sobre a inteligência e personalidade, embora tenha trabalhado numa ampla gama de áreas. Ao momento da sua morte, Eysenck era o psicólogo vivo mais citado em revistas científicas.[1]

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  • Dimensions of Personality (1947)
  • The Scientific Study of Personality (1952)
  • The Structure of Human Personality (1952) and later editions
  • Uses and Abuses of Psychology (1953)
  • The Psychology of Politics (1954)
  • Psychology and the Foundations of Psychiatry (1955)
  • Sense and Nonsense in Psychology (1956)
  • The Dynamics of Anxiety and Hysteria (1957)
  • Perceptual Processes and Mental Illnesses (1957) with G. Granger and J. C. Brengelmann
  • Manual of the Maudsley Personality Inventory (1959)
  • Know Your Own I.Q. (1962)
  • Crime and Personality (1964) and later editions
  • Manual of the Eysenck Personality Inventory (1964) with S. B. G. Eysenck
  • The Causes and Cures of Neuroses (1965) with S. Rachman
  • Fact and Fiction in Psychology (1965)
  • Smoking, Health and Personality (1965)
  • Check Your Own I.Q. (1966)
  • The Effects of Psychotherapy (1966)
  • The Biological Basis of Personality (1967)
  • Eysenck, H. J. & Eysenck, S. B. G. (1969). Personality Structure and Measurement. London: Routledge.
  • Readings in Extraversion/Introversion (1971) three volumes
  • Race, Intelligence and Education (1971) in US as The IQ Argument
  • Psychology is about People (1972)
  • Lexicon de Psychologie (1972) three volumes, with W. Arnold and R. Meili
  • The Inequality of Man (1973). German translation Die Ungleichheit der Menschen. Munich: Goldman. 1978. With an introduction by Eysenck.
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  • Reminiscence, Motivation and Personality (1977) with C. D. Frith
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  • Die Zukunft der Psychologie (1977)
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  • The Causes and Effects of Smoking (1980)
  • Mindwatching (1981) with M. W. Eysenck, and later editions
  • The Battle for the Mind (1981) with L. J. Kamin, in US as The Intelligence Controversy
  • Personality, Genetics and Behaviour (1982)
  • Explaining the Unexplained (1982, 2nd edition 1993) with Carl Sargent
  • H. J. Eysenck & D. K. B. Nias, Astrology: Science or Superstition? Penguin Books (1982), ISBN 0-14-022397-5
  • Know Your Own Psi-Q (1983) with Carl Sargent
  • …'I Do'. Your Happy Guide to Marriage (1983) with B. N. Kelly
  • Personality and Individual Differences: A Natural Science Approach (1985) with M. W. Eysenck
  • Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire (1985)
  • Rauchen und Gesundheit (1987)
  • The Causes and Cures of Criminality (1989) with G. H. Gudjonsson
  • Genes, Culture and Personality: An Empirical Approach (1989) with L. Eaves and N. Martin
  • Mindwatching (1989) with M. W. Eysenck. Prion, ISBN 1-85375-194-4
  • Genius: The natural history of creativity (1995). Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-48014-0
  • Intelligence: A New Look (1998)

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