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Erro Lua em Módulo:Navbar na linha 85: Título inválido {{{Name}}}.

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This template creates a navigation template for a larger subject when supplied with the desired topic and subtopics. It is especially purposed for browsing in a physics subfield, while mentioning all necessary topics

Uso[editar código-fonte]

Please remove the parameters that are left blank.

{{Física navegação
|Name       =
|Image      =
|Label      =
|KeyItems   =
|Topic1     =
|Items1     =
|Topic2     =
|Items2     =
|Topic8     =
|Items8     =
|Cientistas =

Parameters[editar código-fonte]

Mandatory[editar código-fonte]

The name of the template, which is needed for the "v · d · e" ("view · discuss · edit") links to work properly on all pages where the template is used. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.
The Name or Category of the Subfields, can also be a link
The links to the subfield, please use <br \> for new line and {{·}} for separating the fields.

Optional[editar código-fonte]

An image under the name of the template. Use either Image or Label
A general Label, most likely a math formula like
<math>\part \int L ds = 0</math>. Use either Label or Image
Description or link of the Image or Label
Important links for the field at large, that will be out of collapsible boxes.
Other subfields. Up to 8 topics (Topic2..Topic8) are supported.
The links to the subfields, please use <pre><br \> for new line and · for separating the fields
A List of Scientists with important contributions in this field.

Examples[editar código-fonte]

Example 1[editar código-fonte]

{{Física navegação
|Name  = Plasmaphysics
|Image = Plasma.jpg
|LabelId = [[Plasma lamp]]
|KeyItems = [[Plasma]] · [[MHD]]
|Topic1 = Description
|Items1 = [[Vlasov]] · [[MHD]]<br \> [[Two-Fluid]]

Example 2[editar código-fonte]

{{Física navegação
|Name = Continuum mechanics
|Image = BernoullisLawDerivationDiagram.png
|KeyItems = [[Conservation of mass]]<br />[[Conservation of momentum]]<br />
[[Navier-Stokes equations]]
|Topic1 = [[Classical mechanics]]
|Items1 = [[Stress (physics)|Stress]] · [[Strain (materials science)|Strain]]
 · [[Tensor]]<br />
|Topic2 = [[Solid mechanics]]
|Items2 = [[Solid]]s · [[Elasticity (physics)|Elasticity]]<br />
[[Plasticity (physics)|Plasticity]] · [[Hooke's law]]<br />[[Rheology]] · [[Viscoelasticity]]
|Topic3 = [[Fluid mechanics]]
|Items3 = [[Fluid]]s · [[Fluid statics]]<br />[[Fluid dynamics]]
 · [[Viscosity]] · [[Newtonian fluid]]s<br />[[Non-Newtonian fluid]]s<br />[[Surface tension]]
|Cientistas = [[Isaac Newton|Newton]] · [[George Gabriel Stokes|Stokes]]
 · [[Claude-Louis Navier|Navier]]

Example 3[editar código-fonte]

That the navigation box automatically collapses if the user views an item which is defined inside a <italic>Topic<italic/>. You have to pass the cTopic variable to PhysicsNavigation.

cTopic = {{{cTopic}}}

for example

{{Física navegação
|Nome = String theory
|Imagem = Point&string.png
|KeyItems = [[Superstring theory]]
|Topic1 = Theory
|Items1 = [[Bosonic string theory]]<br />[[M-theory]] ([[M-theory (simplified)|simplified]])<br />
[[type I string theory|Type I string]] · [[type II string theory|Type II string]]<br />
[[String field theory]] · [[Heterotic string]]
|Topic2 = Concepts
|Items2 = [[String (physics)|Strings]] · [[Branes]] 
|Topic3 = Related Topics
|Items3 = [[Supersymmetry]] · [[Supergravity]] · [[Quantum gravity]]
|Cientistas = [[Edward Witten|Witten]]
|cTopic = {{{cTopic}}}

inside the article's page, add the template plus the parameter cTopic= which is named after the browsed topic. Note both names have to match exactly ! For example, in the page about Branes add


and the topic Concepts uncollapses

Resultados[editar código-fonte]

Exemplo 1 Exemplo 2 Exemplo 3
Plasma lamp
Plasma · MHD
Continuum mechanics
Conservation of mass
Conservation of momentum
Navier-Stokes equations

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