Vera Lynn

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Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn, DBE (Londres, 20 de Março de 1917) é uma cantora inglesa, muito famosa durante a segunda guerra mundial.

As suas músicas mais conhecidas são We'll Meet Again e The White Cliffs of Dover

O tema We'll Meet Again, cantado por Vera Lynn surge na cena final do filme Dr. Estranhoamor ([Strangelove]) de [Kubrick].

A canção Vera do álbum dos Pink Floyd de 1979 The Wall é uma homenagem a Vera Lynn.

Em Setembro de 2009 o álbum "We´ll meet again - The very best of Vera Lynn", uma colecção das suas canções mais conhecidas atingiu o número 1 do top britânico[1]

Gravações[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • 1935
  • "The General's Fast Asleep"; "No Regrets"; "When the Poppies Bloom Again"; "I'm in the Mood for Love" (Rex Records); "Sailing Home With The Tide" (Rex Records); "Thanks A Million" (Rex Records)
  • 1936
  • "Heart Of Gold" (Rex Records); "A Star Fell Out Of Heaven" (Rex Records); "Crying My Heart Out For You" (Rex Records); "It's Love Again" (Rex Records); "Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?" (Rex Records): "Have You Forgotten So Soon?" (Rex Records); "Everything Is Rhythm" (Rex Records)
  • 1937
  • "So Many Memories"; "Roses in December"; "When My Dream Boat Comes Home" (Rex Records); "Goodnight, My Love" (Rex Records); "All Alone In Vienna" (Rex Records)
  • 1939
  • "We'll Meet Again"
  • 1940
  • 1941
  • "Smilin' Through"; "When They Sound the Last All Clear"; "Yours"; "My Sister and I"; "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire".
  • 1942
  • "You're in my Arms".
  • 1948
  • "You Can't Be True, Dear" (1948); "Again".
  • 1952
  • "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart"; "If You Love Me (Really Love Me)".
  • 1954 onwards
  • "My Son, My Son" (UK number 1, 1954); "The Homing Waltz"; "Forget Me Not"; "Windsor Waltz"; "Who Are We"; "A House With Love In It"; "The Faithful Hussar (Don't Cry My Love)"; "Travellin' Home"; Hits Of The Sixties (album); "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"; "Everybody's Talking";

"The Fool On The Hill".

  • 1967

"It Hurts To Say Goodbye" (1967, US Easy Listening survey, her last US chart record)

  • 1982
  • Albums recorded for EMI from 1960 onwards
  • "Yours" 1961
  • "As Time Goes By" 1961
  • "Hits From The Blitz" 1962
  • "Among My Souvenirs" 1964
  • "More Hits Of The Blitz" 1966
  • "Hits Of The 60's - My Way" 1970
  • "Favourite Sacred Songs" 1972
  • "Christmas With Vera Lynn" 1976
  • "Vera Lynn In Nashville" 1977

Filmes[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • We'll Meet Again (1942)
  • Rhythm Serenade (1943)
  • One Exciting Night (1944)
  • Venus fra Vestø (1962)

Livros[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Lynn, Vera (1975). Vocal Refrain. London: W.H. Allen.
  • Lynn, Vera and Cross, Robin (1989). We'll Meet Again. London: Sidgwick & Jackson.
  • Lynn, Vera (2009). Some Sunny Day. London: HarperCollins. ISBN 9780007318155


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