Andrew Knoll

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Andrew Knoll
Nacionalidade Estados Unidos Estadunidense
Nascimento 1951 (64 anos)
Local West Reading
Campo(s) Paleontologia
Prêmio(s) Medalha Wollaston (2007)

Andrew H. Knoll (West Reading, 1951) é um paleontólogo estadunidense.

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Obras[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • 2004 - Life on a Young Planet: The First Three Billion Years of Evolution on Earth. (Princeton University Press). ISBN 0-691-12029-3
  • 2007 - The Evolution of Primary Producers in the Sea. Falkowski, P. and A.H. Knoll, Eds. (Elsevier).

Publicações selecionadas[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Tosca, N.J., Knoll, A.H., McLennan, S.M. (2008) Water activity and the challenge for life on early Mars. Science 320: 1204-1207.
  • Wilson, J.P, Knoll, A.H., Holbrook, N.M, and Marshall, C.R. (2008) Modeling fluid flow in Medullosa, an anatomically unusual Paleozoic seed plant. Paleobiology 34: 472-493.
  • Knoll, A.H., Bambach, R.K, Payne, J., Pruss, S., and Fischer, W. (2007) A paleophsiological perspective on the end-Permian mass extinction and its aftermath. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 256: 295-313.
  • Tomitani, A., Knoll, A.H., Cavanaugh, C.M., and Ohno, T. (2006) The evolutionary diversification of cyanobacteria: molecular phylogenetic and paleontological perspectives. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103:5442-5447.
  • Knoll, A.H., Javaux, E.J., Hewitt, D., and Cohen, P. (2006) Eukaryotic organisms in Proterozoic oceans. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London 361B: 1023-1028.
  • Squyres, S., and Knoll, A.H. (2005) Outcrop geology at Meridiani Planum: Introduction. 'Earth and Planetary Science Letters 240: 1-10.
  • Knoll, A.H., Walter, M.R., Narbonne, G.M., and Christie-Blick, N. (2004) A New Period for the Geologic Time Scale. Science 305: 621.
  • Anbar, A.D. and Knoll, A.H. (2002) Proterozoic ocean chemistry and evolution: a bioinorganic bridge? Science 297: 1137-1142.
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  • Knoll, A.H. (1992) The early evolution of eukaryotic organisms: a geological perspective. Science 256: 622-627.

Honrarias[editar | editar código-fonte]


  1. Charles Doolittle Walcott Medal National Academy of Sciences. Visitado em 7 de julho de 2012.

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